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IPractice Magazine August Edition

In this month’s issue we will be focusing on three different subjects, on the surface these subjects might not seem related. However, If you take a deeper look you will find that everything in magic and live is connected with each other.

First we will join Fritz in his virtual insanity, where he discusses how to bring

your magic to zoom. This is important because it helps you to see how you can reframe your magic for different sitautions.

Next Aljaz will discuss the dreaded and not so popular question of wether we should teach magic to lay-people (NO DON”T THEY ARE OUR SECRETS!). I think it’s an important and intersting idea to even teach magic to non magicians, but more on that in Aljaz’s


Finally Alvaro discusses the importance of good magic books and how to make the bookst aht you already own even better.