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1 On 1 Coaching with Rico Weeland

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Understanding Magic

Magic Theory

Magic theory can seem very dense, but, with the right examples it can become practical an easily understood.

A proper understanding of theory is something will bring your magic to the next level.

Study Magic

A proper magic study will leave you with beautiful and unique material. 

However, if you don’t know what to study it can leave you frustrated and lost.

Let Rico help you with a study plan to make sure that you get the most out of your time.


Finding your voice

Being authentically you can be a rewarding and enlightening experience.

Your audience will love you for it and will feel a connection like they’ve never felt with any other performer before. 

Techniques & Routines

Building a proper basis is key to performing beautiful magic. 

Rico will be sure to go over you individual needs and build with you the basis and repertoire to go out there and perform with confidence.

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Magic, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

There is this feeling where you’re unhappy with the magic you are doing. You want to do better magic, but you don’t know how. I’ve been there, I’ve experienced all the feelings and challenges connected to it. Let me help you to discover and  perform the magic that you want to perform.

What’s the plan?

Creating a basis.

Creating a basic understanding of close-up magic, all the concepts and techniques that are required to perform and create powerful and memorable magic.

Expanding the basis.

Understanding how the basic principles of close-up magic can be applied to making your magic bigger. Here we start to focus on how to go from the close-up to the parlor or even the stage. 

Understanding the connection between theory and practice.

Magic theory can sometimes look esoteric. “Yes that theory is very cool but how can it be applied?” we often don’t realise how practical theory is, and when we do, we start to see room for improvement in so many different aspects of our performance. Quickly after this we will notice a shift in our magic and a new doorway to mastery will be opened.

Becoming a unique performer.

Finally we do magic because it’s fun. It’s fun to be yourself on stage and to be unique, to do magic that no one else can do. 

This will leave your audience with a profound and unique experience, an experience of having seen a real magician.

Frequently Asked Questions?


Do I need this?
No you don’t need magic coaching. The truth is that I learned most of the magic that I perform from books and from experience. However, you might not have my time and this coaching will save you a few years of mistakes.
What platform do you use?
For the coaching we will be using zoom. If you want it we can record the session so that afterwards you can watch back the important points. 
Why Coaching?
Proper coaching builds a basis.

A basis is important for learning anything. While its true that anything can be learned without it, a basis will assist you in learning material faster and saving you a lot of valuable time.

Will this be exclusively cards?
Definitely not! Even though I’m a big fan of card magic. I also love coins, parlour and stage magic. 

My Approach

My name is Rico Weeland. I used to follow all the latest trends in magic, perform all the magic that everyone is doing and I was being a good magic consumer. 

Then all of a sudden a deep feeling of unhappiness about my magic struck me. I couldn’t perform what everyone else was doing anymore, it just sickened me, it was meaningless. 

That moment left me with two options. 

1. Quit magic.

2. Confront this feeling 

I chose for the later, I started to go into deep research about magic, the masters of magic, theory and the history. After studying for about 8 years I started to realise the direction that I wanted to go in. As a result of this study my magic started to be praised by famous magicians such as Michael Vincent, Ger Copper, Fl!p and Chris Wood. 

This shift also resulted in lectures at prestigious locations such as The Magic Circle in London, The National Magical Congress of Italy and The Krakow Magic session where I lectured along side Michael Vincent and Jason Ladanye. 

I decided that it was finally time to bring my unique approach to magic in a more intimate setting, and so I started to offer one on one coaching sessions.

What Other People Say About Rico’s Coaching

I enjoyed a great coaching conversation with Rico recently. While we covered magic and business, what was uncovered was a deeper rooted issue about attachment to how things should be. He supported me in seeing a much bigger picture and just allowing thing to open up as they will. I came away from the conversation with a deeper connection to myself, my heart, my purpose and that my life is perfect is exactly as it is. Michael Vincent

Besides of being a great human being (I like to work with good people), Rico is an excellent magic teacher. What I value the most is the way he justifies every “technical moves” (the “tricky” ones) by a casual action.
It make the magic natural and simple..
Phillipe Tlokinski

Thanks to that lesson I changed my thinking about illusion, I learned what to do to avoid the hecklers on the performance and more interesting presentations of some tricks.
Jakub Dobosiewicz

I followed Rico’s coaching session and it was well worth the time and money!

You certainly going to have a fun time with Rico and leave the session with usefull knowledge you are going to want to add to your magic repotoire! Bart uriot

A lot of magicians get stuck in their magic at one point or another. This might be trouble with certain routines and techniques, difficulty in making magic visible for a bigger group or a general burn/bore out.
The main problem with all of these is a lack in understanding magic on a deeper level. This is both in at theoretical sense, but also in a practical sense. A lot of these problems can be prevented by a proper basis. This is a basis in theory as well as a basis grounded in classical magical principles.
With my affordable coaching I want to help you to take your magic to the next level and to understand magic like you’ve never understood it before.
The way we do this is personal for every student. No one is the same. So if you are a seasoned professional or a complete beginner, I’m sure that I can help you out in these fun and informative sessions.

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