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The Leipzig Curiosity by Rico Weeland (reprint)

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A commercial collection of magic and theory based on Leipzig’s opener.



The Leipzig Curiousity is a study on Nate Leipzig’s classic effect “The Leipzig Opener”.

The Leipzig opener is a wonderful effect, however adding a third phase will add many problems.

This booklet explores those problems together with the many lessons about misdirection which are to be learned from the effect.

Within its pages you will find two new card effects based on the original tighter with theory and a study on the original effect.

This booklet doesn’t teach the original effect and it is recommend that you have read the original in either Stars of Magic or in Dai Vernon Tribute to Nate Leipzig.

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2 reviews for The Leipzig Curiosity by Rico Weeland (reprint)

  1. Guillaume

    GREAT booklet! As a big fan of the Leipzig opener, I tracked down every version of this plot, and I’ve never really found a routine that completely satisfied me… until now! The two routines are very well constructed, practical and solve every issues I had with the original Leipzig trick. Both handlings are elegant and economical, and the thinking behind is really great. I will use the two routines in the real world for sure!
    Plus, the writing is very nice, I enjoyed reading it.
    Moreover, Rico is very kind and available for everything regarding payment issues, shipping, or questions about the content of the booklet.
    Bravo, Rico !

  2. Danny (verified owner)

    I know Rico for a long time, and this booklet is amazing. If you are looking for the latest and greatest this is not for you, if you want easy to use card magic this is not for you. If you are interested in hard hitting magic with great use of sleight of hand go study this. Rico explains everything very well and his thinking on this plot is amazing! Do yourself a favour and get this book to elevate your magic to a higher level. Thanks Rico for this amazing booklet. Looking foreword to the next one 😉

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