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The Leipzig Curiosity by Rico Weeland

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A commercial collection of two three phased routines based on Leipzig’s opener.



Leipzig’s curiosity is a handbound booklet that covers two three phased routines based on Leipzig’s opener.

The first one is a highly commercial triple selection effect where the each spectators card appears in a more impressive way, building up to a colour change in the spectators hands.

The second is a triple penetration routine where the card first penetrates the deck, then the performers hand and finally the deck of cards.

Finally there is an essay that goes over every little detail of Leipzig’s opener and explains what the proper way of misdirection the audience in the routine is.

Both routines and the essay are building on the work of Gabi Pareras, Juan Tamariz, Dai Vernon, Nate Leipzig, Paul LePaul and Erdnase.




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