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Three Notebook Set


A set of three blank notebooks for all your notes.

When Alvaro and I study magic, we like to record our ideas in notebooks. This makes sure that we don’t forget it, because its such a struggle to find that perfect presentational touch, that perfect method or that perfect line and to have forgotten it once you have time to sit down.

We also love these notebooks because they look great together with our magic books and they are great to record new discoveries in while we are studying a book.

Now you might wonder if we always go back and look at our ideas? The answer is yes and no. Basically whenever we are working on a presentation or on a certain idea we do, we go back and we share those ideas with each other. But sometimes we also like to write for the sake of writing. To write is to think, and to think is to develop an idea further.

These notebooks have so many uses and have Brough us many hours of joy, we hope they will do the same for you.

Hand-bound in Groningen, the Netherlands


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